Android 12L update is coming to Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft devices, many changes will be seen


For the convenience of users, Google often rolls out new updates for different devices. However, late last year, Google announced the launch of the latest OS, Android 12 (Android 12) for Android handsets, along with the launch of new and different software called Android 12L for larger-screen devices. announced. And at that time, the tech giant also announced that the operating system would be released next year. Finally, here comes Mahendrakshan, as the company recently announced that it will be launching the Android 12L operating system for Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft devices later this year. This is definitely good news for those who use big screen devices.

eye catching feature will catch the eye

Needless to say, Android 12L will have many impressive and attractive features. This operating system was originally designed to further enhance the user experience of users of devices with large screens. In such a situation, the new OST will come with new refined UI, notifications, lock screen, home screen, quick setting. With the arrival of Android 12L, users (displays larger than 600 dp) will see a two-column layout for notification shades, the lock screen, and other system pages.

Also, Android 12L will bring a new taskbar, which will allow users to easily switch between the apps of their choice and make split-screen mode even more fun. Not only this, this OS claims to provide better quality letterboxing experience, and helps in viewing of apps by default. Note that this OS will carry a new API in addition to providing different features for larger screens. The company said that this API will make apps fold and hinge-aware.

In this regard, Google’s Vice President of Engineering (for Android) Andrei Popescu said that the 12L OS as an update to Android 12 will be much easier to use on tablets, foldables and ChromeOS devices. Popescu also said that in the coming days, Google will continue its efforts to bring better quality updates to Android 13 as well as larger screen devices, so that users can have a very smooth experience while using any device. .