Before selling old smartphone, do these 4 things, don't bother


Nowadays, online and offline shopping stores are organizing sales for almost every festival or occasion. For example, with the advent of Chaitra, various electronic gadgets are being sold on various e-commerce sites with different offers. Especially the amount of discounts and exchange offers that come with smartphones is so attractive that many people are upgrading their old mobiles and buying new smartphones. In such a situation, instead of handing over the old handset to an offline or online store, some important things should be kept in mind while buying a new smartphone. Because, your ‘personal data’ is linked to the old mobile. As a result, if you come in contact with a stranger with your information, you will face security issues. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to some basic things before selling the phone to avoid any kind of unwanted trouble in future. So today in this report we will discuss what to do while selling an old smartphone and how to keep the data present in the device safe. So let’s know about the strategies this time.

Things to do before selling your old smartphone

Do these things before doing a factory reset

Before factory resetting the smartphone, be sure to log out of all your accounts, such as Google, social media, bank accounts or mobile wallet. After logging out, you can safely do a factory reset of the phone. By the way, you can see the list of all logged in accounts by going to the phone’s settings.

Remove SIM and MicroSD Card

Now almost everyone uses microSD card to increase the internal memory of the phone. When selling a phone, forget about this little memory chip, but it won’t work at all. So before handing the phone over to the other party, check if you have removed the microSD card. Also, make sure to remove the SIM card as well as the microSD card. Because, your personal data is linked to the SIM card.

back up data

Before selling an old Android smartphone to someone else, make sure that the data on the phone is backed up. Otherwise, your mobile contact list, call recordings, messages, photos, videos and other files may be lost. You can use a hard drive or a memory card for backup. Or you can take the help of software like Dropbox or Google Cloud.

keep whatsapp backup

It is very important to have a backup of WhatsApp chats or files. Because if you do not take a backup before switching to the new handset, the chats you need on WhatsApp will not be restored. So, with the backup, the WhatsApp chats will be automatically restored to the new smartphone.