Check out these two plans of Jio, data up to 912 GB with unlimited calls throughout the year.


The importance of internet for various tasks in daily life has become immense now. In free time, a lot of data is now required to perform various urgent tasks with few touches on OTT platform on Smartphone as well as on Anagona. As a result, the more data is available in the recharge plan, the more popular the users become. And with a lot of data, many people are now looking for a plan that is long enough to get rid of the hassle of having to recharge again and again.

In such a situation, if you are a customer of the country’s leading telecom company Reliance Jio and are looking for a company that has a lot of data as well as a daily recharge plan with long term validity, then today’s report will be special. useful for you. Because here we are going to tell you about two such plans of GEO, which are up to 2GB / 2.5GB per day with a validity of one year along with high-speed data. So let’s know a little about both the plans.

Reliance Jio prepaid plan Rs.

The price of this Jio plan is Rs 269. The plan offers 2GB high-speed data per day, unlimited voice calling on any network, and 100 SMS per day. The duration of the plan is 365 days. In other words, a total of 630 GB data will be available through this plan. When the prescribed limit of data is reached, the net speed will be reduced to 64 kbps. Apart from this, users will get complimentary subscription to JioTv, JioCinema and other Jio apps as an added benefit.

Jio prepaid plan Rs.

The validity of this GEO plan of Rs 2999 is 365 days. In this plan, 2.5 GB high-speed data is available with unlimited voice calling on any network, 100 SMS per day. That is, users can use a total of 912.5 GB data in this plan. Users will also get free access to JioTv, JioCinema and other Jio apps as an added benefit.