Do your passwords mean by all these terms? Change it now to avoid hacking


No matter what kind of device or platform you use, passwords play an important role. There is no security without a password! As such, many people use simple passwords for convenience of remembering, but these bring security risks. In fact, when you choose a simple password, you run the risk of losing your account or access, as this type of password can be guessed without the need for technical expertise. For example, most people have a habit of keeping their date of birth as a password because it is easy to remember. They don’t realize that by doing so they allow hackers to access their email or social media accounts. In that case, California-based cyber security firm Hive revealed in its recent research that it only takes a few seconds to crack a password that does not exceed 8 characters.

Hive says in its report that passwords that we find difficult to crack (so that there is a healthy mix of hands, lowercase, special characters and numbers) can be decoded by a hacker in an average of about eight hours. This means that it can be hacked instantly without any password, any kind of complexity or high system requirement.

This type of password is not hacked

Let’s say if the password is longer than 8 characters and contains about 15 or more characters, including a combination of uppercase, lowercase letters, special characters, and numbers, it could take more than a trillion years to crack. According to a color chart prepared by Hive, it takes about nine months to crack a 16-character password if it contains only numbers, while it takes 23 million years to access this type of password if it contains only lowercase letters. . Furthermore, if it had uppercase and lowercase letters, it would have taken 61 million years. Overall, if you use this type of password, you will lose access to your account for as long as you live, as it is almost impossible to hack.

How is the password cracked?

In a blog post, Hive explains how passwords are cracked. According to the company, cracking means making a list of all the combinations of characters on your keyboard and then hashing them. Hackers can find your original password by finding similarities between this list and the stolen password hash. If you use the same password on more than one site, your situation may get worse. So keep different passwords for different accounts.