Domestic startups have launched electric scooters and will also build charging stations


Launching electric scooters once or twice a week has become a daily thing. In recent times this number has increased to 7. Well-known companies like Crayon, iVOOMi and Okinawa have introduced new e-scooters this month. In view of the increasing demand for battery operated vehicles due to rising fuel prices, companies are launching new products.

Now a completely new company has announced the launch of electric scooter in the market. Dexto Art Work, an electric vehicle startup from Pune has come up with its first e-scooter. Whose name Felixia 100. He has announced two versions of it.

The launch of the electric scooter has been announced by the company’s founder Rohan Kamble. Who has worked abroad on the design of electric vehicles. Shashikant Kumble was present on this occasion. Who oversees the marketing aspects of the company. Note: We still don’t know anything about the price, specifications or features of the Felixia 100 model. We will update the information as soon as we get the news.

The company said in a statement that it plans to launch enhanced versions of Felixia, digital scooters and bikes in the future. He has a factory in Faridabad. It has a monthly production capacity of 3,500 units. “We are trying to talk to various educational institutions about setting up electric vehicle charging stations,” said Rohan, founder of Dexto Artworks.

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