Elon Musk's company hikes monthly cost of satellite broadband services to around Rs 6,400


Billionaire Elon Musk’s subsidiary Starlink has stepped up its satellite-based broadband service to combat the effects of inflation. This news first surfaced recently, courtesy of Space News. Starlink then acknowledged the price increase in a statement. The agency said in a statement that it has decided to increase the monthly and marginal charges on Starlink internet services to avoid economic slowdown due to inflation. The move has garnered mixed reactions from countless fans around the world.

Note that although initially effective in the United States, users of Starlink services in other parts of the world will also be affected by the price hike. In such a situation, the company will send the message of increase in price to the users in time.

How Much Did Starlink Internet Service Fees Actually Increase?

In this case, let me tell you first, as of now, the cost of using the Starlink service in the United States is Rs 99 (approximately Rs 6,550) per month. But as a result of the recent 11 percent price hike, from now on you will have to pay US$110 (roughly Rs.7,400) per month to use the service.

On the other hand, Starlink customers used to pay 549 on a quarterly basis. However, they will have to spend US$599 from now on. In other words, the rate of increase in fees is 20 percent!

Not only Starlink, but also SpaceX services

It’s important to note that not only Starlink, but SpaceX Launch Service is also charged at the same time. It currently costs 1.1 million to send a weight of 440 pounds (200 kg) into orbit around Earth via this service. In addition, the company will charge the consumer Rs 5,500 per 1 kg of weight added. In the last two cases, the company had to pay ₹1 million and ₹5,000 respectively.