Honor, Honor X9 5G, Honor X8, Honor X7 Coming on March 29, Desperate to capture the cheap phone market.


Chinese brand Honor is planning to launch its Honor 50 and Honor Magic 4 flagship series in the market and it has been learned that the upcoming smartphones under this series will finally have Google Play service available. However, devices in the high-mid range and flagship segment are not considered the best devices for the market share. Instead, in the entry-level market, smartphone companies benefit the most from their market share. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy A12 entry-level device sold the most units last year. Keeping this in mind, Honor is finally ready to enter the entry-level market this year. The company’s X series phone will be launched on March 29.

Honor’s entry-level X series smartphones are coming in the market this month


Honor has said on its official website that they are ready to go beyond their limits in the global market. Exactly which devices will be launched on the website is not disclosed, but the company is already launching campaigns for the Honor March 29 event through banner ads, search result ads and Instagram ads. It has been learned that the Honor X series devices will be launched that day at 7 pm (Indian time).

Also, advertisements suggest that Honor X9 5G, Honor X8 and Honor X7 smartphones will be launched under this upcoming series. These banners or advertisements did not reveal any specification or design of the phone, though Honor is expected to share more details of the model in the coming weeks to fuel the hype for the series.


Prior to the breakup of Huawei and Honor, the Huawei brand was the centerpiece of the company’s flagship P and Mate series devices, while the Honor brand introduced the V and Honor number series devices (Honor 10, 20). However, Huawei is also seen as a brand that makes devices for the lower mid-range and entry-level markets. Also noteworthy is their affordable Huawei Y series, which has attracted customers to enter the Huawei ecosystem.

While Huawei has lost access to Google Play services, other competitors such as Xiaomi and Realme have gained a foothold in the entry-level market with their new products, but some Huawei and Honor users have lost their EMUI and EMUI. (Magic UI) still lacks the functionality and versatility provided through user interfaces. So, this launch event will be really useful for those who want to upgrade their 2 to 3 year old Huawei Y series device to the upcoming Honor device which comes with Google service.