How to record calls with Google Dialer 'without announcement' on OnePlus smartphones

OnePlus has replaced its native dialer from Google stock dialer, it seems to have followed in the footstep of its predecessor in at least one aspect- the incorporation of the native call recorder feature. However, as is the case with other OnePlus devices, this feature has been disabled out of the box for several smartphones.

OnePlus stops giving native dialer apps on its smartphones. Instead, the phones get Google’s own suite of apps for dialer, contacts, and messages. Till now, OnePlus phones have had OnePlus apps for calling, messages and contacts.

A glance through Realme reveals that many OnePlus 8 series, 9 Series, Nord, and OnePlus 10 Pro, users didn’t appreciate this change. And since its launch, users have been unsuccessfully trying to sideload OnePlus stock apps on the device. And if you are also one of those who don’t like Google’s version of apps, there are situations where recording a call without any alert is more important than privacy.

For example, where the recording of the other person can be used as legal evidence, and the alert can destroy the whole purpose of recording. So, today I’ll be sharing a way to disable the call recording announcement in Google phone dialer on any OnePlus smartphone.

Only a few brands like Samsung and Vivo offer their own phone app that allows recording calls without warning. The majority of Android users can be seen complaining about the call recording alert in the Google phone app.

How to disable Google dialer call recording announcement on OnePlus smartphones

If you really want to disable the call recording announcement on your Realme smartphones, then you have to follow these steps…

  1. First of all, you have to download TTSLexx App on your device.
  2. Now go into your phone Settings
  3. Tap on search option and type “Text to speech (TTS) settings” Click on it.
  4. Tap on the “Preferred engine option”
  5. And select “TTSLexx”
  6. Now, go back to the home screen
  7. And long-press the phone app icon
  8. Tap on App Info.
  9. Now go into “Storage Usage”
  10. Click on Clear Data and then on Clear All Data.
  11. Done.

Now, whenever you press the record button while on a call, the alert will be played before the call gets connected. This way, the other person won’t hear the recording alert at all, the same is the case when you pick up the call whenever someone is recording the call. 

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