If you don't want to go to jail or get lost, don't forget these things before using the SIM card!


Mobile is our constant companion these days. It is not only difficult but also impossible to spend a moment without a mobile phone! And if the mobile is a body, then its life must be a SIM card. Because just as the body cannot run without the soul, similarly a mobile phone is nothing but a toy without a SIM card. But do you know that for SIM card you may have to go to jail. Would you be surprised to hear that? Wonder why I’m saying such a strange thing? In that case, it might sound unreliable, but it can happen if you don’t use the SIM card with proper care. Again, if you’re not careful, hackers can use your SIM card to empty your bank account! How? So let us discuss this matter in a little more detail.

SIM card misuse fraud

Keep one thing in mind that your SIM card should never fall into the wrong hands. Because if that person does any fraud using your SIM card, then you may have to go to jail for that. Therefore, if you ever lose your SIM card, then immediately close the number, otherwise you may have to face big problems if you use the SIM card incorrectly without knowing it.

Threats to misuse SIM card

If your SIM card ever falls into the wrong hands, and that person uses your phone number to pose a serious threat to another person, you will still be in jail. So never give your SIM card to any known or unknown person. But you can be in danger because of any negligence or dishonesty of that person.

bank fraud

We all know about SIM card swapping. With time, fraudsters are adopting new tactics to steal money from bank accounts. Earlier hackers used to call users asking for PIN number and OTP but now they do not need to ask anything in case of SIM swapping, fraudsters are issuing duplicate SIM in their name without user’s knowledge. As a result, all bank passwords, OTPs and calls associated with that phone number are going to hackers, and fraudsters have been able to use them to easily empty the bank accounts of millions of users. So keep your eyes open to avoid such scams. If your phone suddenly turns off or becomes inaccessible, contact your mobile service provider immediately.