If you want to buy an electric car, Italy is planning to give a subsidy of around Rs 5 lakh.


The whole world is running behind electric vehicles. Because increasing its use is the only way to deal with environmental pollution. Black smoke from conventional fuel-powered vehicles is largely responsible for environmental pollution. If we can stop it, then the amount of pollution can be reduced to a great extent. Also, the effects of climate change and global warming can be slowed down.

This is the reason that nowadays the administrations of many countries are trying to increase the popularity of electric vehicles. The skyrocketing price of electric cars is a big hurdle in the way. Inadequate charging stations are also taking the form of poison boils on the knees. Therefore, in order to make electric vehicles accessible to people of all walks of life, governments of various countries have been compelled to introduce EV policy. Where buying an electric vehicle offers many benefits including tax deduction and subsidy. In addition, government and non-government organizations have also sprung up to increase the number of charging stations.

Italy is planning to give 6,000 euros (about Rs 5.04 lakh) in subsidies to those who want to buy new electric vehicles on the road. Strengthening the country’s car industry is another part of the same thinking. As a result, the Italian administration expects an uptick in sales of electric cars in the country in the future.

Meanwhile, the country’s capital Rome has allocated 600 million euros to increase the use of electric vehicles by 2030. The allocated amount for this year is 600 million euros. If you buy a car for 35,000 euros on the condition of buying a new electric vehicle, you will get a subsidy of 6,000 euros. Again, scrap your old car for an additional 2,000 euros.

According to international media sources, a subsidy of 2500 euros will be given for buying a hybrid electric car worth 45,000 euros. In addition, the cancellation of cars with petrol/diesel engines will give the government a financial benefit of 1,250 euros as per Euro-8 norms.

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