In Brazil, the Supreme Court has brought various charges against the company, including a ban on Telegram.


Currently Telegram is running the service in association with WhatsApp. But this time the ban on this instant messaging platform has come to an end! Indeed, on Friday, a judge of Brazil’s Supreme Court ordered the closure of the nationwide messaging app Telegram. Reportedly, the agency did not cooperate with the Brazilian authorities; Instead, they block profiles or run promotions, as well as provide information related to blogger Alan dos Santos. However, the legal move is a huge commercial blow for Telegram, as well as a blow to President Zaire Bolsonaro, who has more than 1 million followers on the platform.

Many Bolsonaro supporters have started using Telegram since WhatsApp changed its privacy policy last year. After that the use of the app increased in Brazil as well. But now Judge de Moraes (who presides over the investigation of misinformation on Brazil’s social media) has said that the Telegram platform has completely ignored Brazil’s justice system on every possible occasion and failed to comply with judicial orders. has failed.

In the meantime, the federal police has advised shutting down the app. In total, De Morris gave Apple, Google and Brazilian phone carriers five days to block Telegram from its platform. Although the platform was operational in that country yesterday.

Pavel Durav, one of the founders of the messaging app, said in a statement that he had a problem with his corporate address and email before Brazil’s Supreme Court. This led to miscommunication between the two organizations and resulted in the court ruling to ban Telegram. Durv apologized to Brazil’s Supreme Court for his negligence, saying he could have done better.

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