India's Omega Seki Mobility ties up with Kathmandu-based company to sell electric vehicles in Nepal


Omega Seki Mobility, an Indian two-wheeler and three-wheeler electric vehicle manufacturer, has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with MAW Vriddhi Commercial Vehicles of OSM Kathmandu. MAW Enhancement Commercial Vehicles will help the domestic company in selling battery-powered personal and commercial vehicles in Nepal.

Omega said in a press release that it will sell the Plus, Plus Rapid, Plus 125, Plus Forest model electric three-wheelers and electric rickshaws in partnership with the growing commercial vehicle market in the smaller neighboring country in the Himalayan foothills.

Apart from selling vehicles, the company’s touchpoints will also act as servicing centres. According to Omega, electric vehicles have been running on Nepal’s roads for over three decades, but now account for 1 percent of the country’s total vehicle sales. Citing a Nepalese government study, he claims that 80 percent of them are three-wheelers electric vehicles.

Omega has said that India and Nepal have a long history of friendly relations. We are thrilled to announce the binding of MAW Enhancement Commercial Vehicles. Through this alliance, we will make it profitable for various businesses that are looking for eco-friendly vehicles for last mile transportation.