Indian origin car looking like UFO flew into the sky


It is difficult to find a person who has not dreamed of flying in the sky. Everyone must have dreamed of coming into this world from above flying in the sky at some point in life! While this dream has not come true, we have tasted at least a little of it in parts depicted in science-fiction or science-fiction movies. This desire also manifested in the minds of the world’s leading scientists. The evidence of which has been found recently by looking at the flying cars of many companies. In future, it is going to bring ample opportunity to realize the elusive dream of the people.

Stephen Tibbits, co-founder and CEO of the Washington-based company Java Aero, had a similar dream one day. Whose real form he has given. Recently the first flight of a model model named Zeva Zero, a strange looking flying car has been completed. The shape of the flying car is very much like the fictional spaceship of aliens UFO.

In terms of UFOs, many people have seen a strange type of vehicle flying through the sky more than once in the past. Which was later named UFO or Unidentified Flying Object. Scientists believe that it could be a flying vehicle from another planet. There is no end to the curiosity among scientists. Whose exact fate is still elusive.

The company claims that the Jiva Zero has been able to rise above the status quo with Gurbir Singh, the company’s chief technology officer of Indo-Sikh descent. In this context, Tibet said, it is an octopus, a flying vehicle with eight motors. It has four motors on the top and four motors on the bottom. “It’s a flying car with wings that accelerates as it climbs,” he said. The battery-powered version will be tested later. Jivaar aims to bring eco-friendly flying cars to market soon.

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