Kids can no longer do what they want on Instagram, a useful feature


Meta-owned photo and video sharing app Instagram recently launched a new tool called ‘Parental Supervision’. In terms of functionality, this tool allows parents to keep an eye on their kids while using Instagram. Simply put, parents can find out how long their kids have been using Instagram or who they are following through this feature. Incidentally, Instagram has been plagued by allegations that it is “not knowingly restricting the use of apps for children.” Even European countries have taken action against Instagram. As a result, the company announced the introduction of the Parental Supervision feature.

When can I use the Parental Supervision tool on Instagram?

Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg, promises to bring a new parental control tool to protect kids from using social media. The company also launched a new feature called ‘Parental Supervision’ yesterday. Please note that this feature is available for use in the United States from that day onwards. However, it will take a few more months for this feature to be launched worldwide.

What can be controlled with the help of parental supervision devices?

With this new feature, parents will be able to track who their child is following on Instagram and they will also have the right to see the content of posts on their account. In addition, parents will be able to set how long children will use the app each day.

Meta to provide ‘Central Place Control’ facility to parents

By the way, let us tell you that Meta is going to launch a dashboard in May. There will be a supervision tool for the Quest headset that will prevent children from downloading adult apps. In addition, both the platforms Instagram and Quest offer parental supervision tools. Similarly, the company has also added a special plan to their feature list, using which parents will be able to access all the platforms under their children’s meta in one central place.