Learn what documents you can take with your bike or scooter to avoid fines


The first thing to look for while traveling on a two-wheeler, whether near or far, is to wear a helmet and carry the required documents. If this is not done by mistake, a heavy fine can be imposed on the forehead. However, just keeping the documents with you is not enough, you have to check if they are up to date. Today’s report discusses some of the most important documents to keep in mind while traveling by two wheeler.

two wheeler registration certificate

The only proof that your boycott motorcycle is registered with the local RTO office is the registration certificate. It contains a lot of information including two-wheeler category, chassis and engine number. After a certain period, it will have to be renewed again. So it is very important to keep the registration certificate with you.

driving license

A driver’s license specifies what type of vehicle the driver is eligible to drive. For example, four wheeler, three wheeler, two wheeler etc. Driving license is issued to a person only after passing the trial run. After it is over, it also has to be renewed. So without this, two-wheelers may have to pay a fine for going on the road.

insurance policy

By law, an insurance policy is required to ride a bike on the road. It mentions the name of the insurer, two wheeler registration number, terms of insurance and the last date of insurance. It also provides more information.

pollution control certificate

Black smoke from vehicles is one of the causes of environmental pollution. That’s why it’s so important to see him. This certificate identifies the exit stage. The emission level should be less than the limit set by the government. If the contamination certificate has expired, it is advisable to renew it as soon as possible.

vehicle health certificate

When the two wheeler is off the road, it should be in optimum condition. The matter was investigated in the RTO office. If the emission levels are too high, the RTO refrains from issuing the fitness certificate.

Rider’s medical certificate

Drivers above 50 years of age must have a medical fit certificate while driving a two wheeler. Where the doctor’s signature will be on the registered number.

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