Magenta has partnered with Xavier Institute to provide electric bike-scooter, car charging systems on college campuses.


There is no other way to make electric vehicles more popular in the country than by increasing the number of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. It is true that even today many people turn away from electric vehicles due to inadequate charging stations. However, there are already reports of initiatives by several government and non-governmental organizations. Magenta, one of the country’s leading EV solutions companies, has partnered with the Xavier Institute to manufacture charging stations. Xavier has a variety of educational institutions in India. A charging station will be built in their premises.

Magenta has already installed the first charging station at Xavier Institute’s Mahim Engineering Campus in Mumbai. It was inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner of Police Hari Balaji N IPS. Incidentally this is the first Mumbai
An electric vehicle charging station was installed in an educational institution. There will be a full 24 hour service, seven days a week.

According to sources, charging stations will be installed at Xavier’s 73 universities and colleges, 7 business management institutes, 22 technical institutes, 11 research institutes, 92 high schools and 15 specialized institutions. Meanwhile, both AC and DC charger options are available at the Mumbai campus charging station. There is a 6.4 kW AC charger with 30 kW DC fast charger. From where two, three and four wheeler can be charged. Charging slots can be booked through the ChargeGrid app. There are also benefits of online payment through that app.

Incidentally, 34 major cities of the country have Magentar Charging Points. The company aims to build a network of 4,600 charging stations in future to convert the country’s national highways into electric highways. He hopes that his initiative will help the Government of India achieve the target of building 2 million electric vehicles and 4 lakh charging stations in the country by 2026. Meanwhile, Magenta has tied up with Central Railway to set up public EV charging stations at Parel, Dadar and Byculla railway stations.

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