New Revamped Community: OnePlus Orbit App

OnePlus released another update for its Orbit application, Orbit V1.4.0 will be released on December 31st this time, we focus on improving the user experience by introducing push notifications, page loading speed, etc.

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The latest OnePlus Orbit app 1.4.0 update adds external links in threads, comments & replies, now you view images in horizontal orientation. The latest update gives you push notifications for new followers, replies, comments, and likes and you can also switch on/off the push notification.

OnePlus Orbit is revamped community for OnePlus lovers and is available for limited users, and the next update is Orbit version 1.4.0 which is rolling out now. The company also revealed the changelog which is mention new features and improvements.

OnePlus Orbit 1.4.0 Update: Changelog

New Features
– Add external links in threads, comments & replies
– View images in horizontal orientation
– Push Notification for new followers, replies, comments, and likes
– Switch on/off the push notification

– Loading speed of the home page, notification page and profile page
– Notification red dot
– Ranking of comments

Download the Latest version:

OnePlus Orbit App

Orbit – A revamped OnePlus Community App, the term “orbit” is often used to describe the path that a satellite travels around the earth, to continuously provide people with better services. This aligns precisely with our community product philosophy and user-driven concept. With Orbit, we aspire to gather OnePlus users from all over the world to co-create a better, ever-more inclusive Community – delivering a fresh product experience and invigorated community culture.

Orbit is a Community co-creation project with our community users. Invite your friends to share the community spirit, and help us develop the future of the Community from the ground up! We also prepared an exclusive raffle available only for those participating in Orbit, start inviting for a chance to win!

The Invitation Code: The invitation code allows you to enter Orbit after you download it. However, the only way to get one is by being invited by the users who have already joined Orbit.

  • Everyone’s account will be bound with only one unique invitation code.
  • You may invite up to 5 new users with the code.
  • When someone successfully uses your code to join Orbit, you will receive a system notification
  • On the Orbit profile page, you can go to your own invitation page to view invitation codes and invitation records

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