No need to listen to long lasting voice notes, WhatsApp is rolling out new features very soon


To save time, most users send instant voice messages on WhatsApp without typing the message. This feature has become very popular among the users in today’s busy era because it is done in a very short time. And so for the convenience of WhatsApp and users, this feature is being tested one after the other, due to which new updates are often added to the Voice Note feature. However, it’s very easy to say many things, so we often have a long voice note, and most of us find it a little annoying to listen to it for a long time, barring all other activities. Don’t even think about it! Let’s say you get a 3-4 minute voice note, you skip all the rest and if you listen to it for 3-4 minutes, you will naturally feel annoyed. WhatsApp is now able to listen to voice messages slightly faster at 1.5x or 2x speed through the speed controller, but WhatsApp is recently working on a new feature related to voice notes to save users from such problems.

According to WhatsApp feature tracker Wabetainfo, the new feature is being rolled out for Android beta testers. Thanks to this feature, if users switch to another chat while the voice note is playing, the voice note will continue to play without stopping. As a result, users can easily chat with someone else while listening to lengthy voice messages. Users are unable to exit the chat even while the voice note is playing, as the voice note stops playing once they exit. But with the help of this new feature of WhatsApp, this time users will get rid of this problem.

If you are an Android beta tester, all you need to do to use this new feature is to open your WhatsApp account and return to your chat list after playing a voice message. Now if you see a new player bar, it means that this feature has been enabled for you. iOS beta testers have already tasted the feature since it was first rolled out to iOS beta testers. Note that this feature has been tested on WhatsApp desktop as well.

According to another report, WhatsApp is currently working on a new option to make messages disappear. If this feature is enabled, all messages will be deleted at regular intervals. In that case, if users need to leave a specific message, they can no longer do so. But according to Wabetainfo, after the new feature is rolled out, users will get a notification as soon as they send a disappearing message to someone, in which it will be written that keep the disappearing message. This will help to see the particular message even if it is deleted. As a result, the user will be able to view the messages in their WhatsApp chats later.

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