Ola will use Israeli company's groundbreaking battery technology, it will take just five minutes to charge the e-scooter


Refueling in a conventional fuel truck takes a few seconds. But let the battery-powered car charge. This type of car especially bothers the users who are troubled by the delay of the electric scooter at the time of charging. But this time its solution is coming. After revolutionizing the world of electric scooters, Ola is going to use unprecedented battery technology this time. For this, he announced a strategic partnership with the Israeli company Storedot. The two companies will jointly produce a battery with fast charging technology, which will take only 5 minutes to charge from zero to 100%.

Storedot Extreme Fast Charging technology works on XFC. As a result of this agreement, Ola will be able to gain a detailed understanding of the intricacies of the XFC technology. As a result, the company will bring its scooters with batteries of that technology in the coming days, CEO Bhavish Agarwal said in a tweet. “We are investing heavily in the future of battery technology,” he wrote. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Storedot.”

Bhavish further wrote, “We will work together and take a lead with battery technology to complete 0-100% charge in just 5 minutes.” In his words, Ola will build an entire EV ecosystem in India. This investment is part of our research and development with state-of-the-art batteries and other technologies. According to sources, the company is planning to set up a large battery cell factory to meet the demand for batteries for the Ola S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters manufactured at the Future factory.

Oler’s name has already been included in the Government of India’s production-based financial plan to work on the Advanced Chemicals Cell (ACC). The central government has approved this ACC battery. Rs 16,100 crore is needed to build this factory with a capacity to generate 50 gigawatt hours of electricity. By the way, the next day a battery can be fully charged in 2 minutes, for this Storedot is also working on it.

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