Relax, price will not increase Airtel 5G service, may be launched this month


Airtel 5G network is going to spread all over the country very soon. This news appeared in the media on behalf of the telecom company on Thursday itself. Airtel claims that they are currently considering the government’s decision to launch a 5G network. As soon as the government announces the date for the spectrum auction, they will immediately complete the final preparations for the 5G launch. In that case, within a few days of the spectrum auction, customers will get a glimpse of their 5G network, Airtel said.

Airtel 5G service to be launched within 2-3 months of spectrum auction

In an interview with news agency 91Mobiles, Airtel’s current Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Randeep Shekhan said that launching the country’s 5G network was not a matter of competition for him. However, they are looking to launch their own 5G service very soon, i.e. within 2-3 months after the spectrum auction.

How much will the Airtel 5G service cost?

At the same time, Shikhan has made a big announcement regarding the upcoming Airtel 5G service charge. He said that initially they want to give an opportunity to use 5G services at the cost of existing 4G recharge tariff.

Meanwhile, Airtel has again demonstrated the strength and potential of its upcoming 5G network at the Network Experience Center in Manesar, Gurgaon. There, in full 4K transparency, he showcased Kapil Dev’s unforgettable 175 in the ’73 World Cup (Video). Hence, the company’s 5G network delivered an average speed of 200 Mbps with a latency of less than 20 milliseconds, with a total of 50 users at the same time, which is undoubtedly a very good figure.

However, Airtel’s upcoming 5G network is dependent on Ericsson’s non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) 5G radio technology. DoT has been successful in providing the above video experience through the use of 3,500 MHz band allotted by the telco.

Airtel has had regular 5G trials

However, this is not the first time that Airtel has been successful in testing 5G in January last year. Then during a trial run in the Gurgaon region in June, the company’s 5G network was capable of delivering unprecedented speeds of 1 Gbps. Following in his footsteps, Airtel is on the verge of launching 5G services recently.

It is important to note that though Airtel has promised to launch 5G soon, it may get delayed due to government laxity. Because till now the central government has not been able to fix the date of 5G spectrum auction. However, they are expected to auction the spectrum by next May. In that case, we feel there is no way to get Airtel 5G service without waiting at least till August.