Royal Enfield Scram 411 vs Himalayan: Although there are similarities, there are many differences, some of which are different, see

Royal Enfield has launched a scrambler style motorcycle in the Indian market on Tuesday, 15 March. Whose name is scrum 411. This bike is suitable for riding on the highway as well as on the highway. That is, you can travel comfortably both off-road or on-road by pressing the Royal Enfield Scrum 411. While there are certain features of the Royal Enfield Himalayan, there are also some differences between both the motorcycles. This report discusses the five key differences that characterize the Royal Enfield Scrum 411 and the Himalayan.

  1. front wheel is small

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 has 19-inch front wheels, but the Himalayan has 21-inch wheels suitable for off-roading. The ground clearance of the bike is also a little less than 200mm. In the case of the Himalayas it is 220 mm.

  1. different riding postures

The Royal Enfield Scrum 411’s riding posture has changed slightly due to the reduced height of the handlebars. The handlebars are located very close to the driver. The Scrum 411 also has a lower seat height (695 mm) than the Royal Enfield Himalayan for the convenience of the driver. As a result, it will be no problem to ride even when small

separate meter console

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 appears as an option for a basic single pod cluster with a tripper navigation system. On the other hand, the Tripper navigation system in the Himalayas comes with the standard model.

Updated body panels

While the Himalayan gets a front body mounted static headlamp, the Scrum 411 gets a dynamic bar mounted front headlamp. In addition, the body panels of the Scrum 411 have undergone several modifications, such as the Himalaya, which lacks the rear luggage carrier rack and the front safety bar. In Himalayas, again divided seats are seen, but scrum 411 seats are single.

different engine tuning

Both the bikes are powered by a 411 cc single cylinder engine that produces 32 Nm of torque. Even a 5-speed gearbox can be seen in both. But the tuning of the scrum 411 engine is different.