Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone again faced a problem of lakhs of rupees, GPS signal is not getting


At the launch event of Galaxy Unpacked 2022 (Samsung Galaxy 2022) organized by Samsung in early February, the screen was removed from the company’s much-loved Samsung Galaxy S22 series flagship smartphones. Under this series, Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra- these three models have debuted in the market. The most premium of these, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, has always been at the center of attention, be it for its S-Pen (like the Galaxy Note) stylus or for its low charging speed. Now, almost two months after its launch, several users of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra have complained that the GPS system is not working properly in this new device. For this reason, he has also contacted social media and Samsung Community Forum.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s GPS connection interrupted many customers

Customers of the new Samsung flagship smartphone have complained that the phone lacks GPS signal when using navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze. According to user reports, GPS-related issues are having a huge impact on consumers in Europe, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra models that have this problem have Samsung’s own Exynos processor. However, it is not yet known what he will do after stepping down. It has been learned that whenever Galaxy S22 Ultra users try to use Google Maps or Waze on their phones, the phone searches the network.

Incidentally, the smartphone company in South Korea is also aware of the GPS problem of its Galaxy S22 Ultra and is working to resolve the issue. However, the agency did not specify a specific timeline for when the issue would be resolved. A Samsung forum moderator said that the company is aware of the issue and is trying to resolve it with an upcoming software update.

Note that some users are able to temporarily fix the problem by following a simple troubleshooting method, such as turning the phone on and off. However, this appears to be a temporary solution, as the problem is likely to return to normal after some time.