See Wardell's correct answer today, March 16


Everyone should remember this song from the superhit Bangla film Autograph’s Roopam Islam which released a few years back – “And I know, I know / Harassment every night / Looking for lost words.” The song was extremely popular at that time, but now the lyrics of the song have become a worldwide hit! Because now in a kind of love people wake up in the morning looking for lost words. Actually we are talking about the very popular game Wordle (Warden), which millions of people around the world are looking for words throughout the day. Some are being seized in this game of jumlebaazi, while some are proudly announcing their success on social media. Nowadays this game has become the companion of many people in the world for their cup of morning tea.

As the days are passing, the popularity of this game is increasing all over the world. This viral game has ruined Facebook-Twitter-Instagram. The game was created by Josh Wardell, a software engineer from Brooklyn, New York, for his partner Palak Shah to spend time under house arrest in Corona. After the first few months of playing the role of Josh and Palak, they share it with other members of the house and relatives. Josh opened the game to everyone in the world, and the rest is history! Although the game’s creator is Josh Wardell, ownership of the game later passed to the New York Times.

For those who don’t know, in this game you have to guess the ‘Word of the Day’ in 6 chances. A five letter English word depends on the probability of winning or losing. The game can be played only once a day, and the Word of the Day is decided by the Warden Officers. Players need to guess five characters and place them in the correct box. If any word in the player’s guess is in the same place as the word given by Wardell, the specified cell in the five cells will turn green. Again, if the letters match but the correct cell does not match, the color will turn yellow. And if the letter does not match with the correct answer of the day, black color will appear in the box. In this way the game will be played with the aim of lighting the green light in all the five houses, but the probability is only 6 times!

The popularity of the game has increased so much that many people are sharing scorecards on social media. This game is very effective in sharpening your English vocabulary as well as sharpening your mind. The userbase of this game is increasing day by day. Are you planning to play the game? Yes, absolutely, you can play without any hesitation. But still doing it but wondering if I am not able to recognize the correct word? No no, don’t be afraid to lose. Because, we’ve come forward to help you win. On our site TechGap you will find the correct daily answer of Wordle. Today, March 18, 2022, Wordle 272 The correct answer is SAUTE. Keep an eye on TechGap for tomorrow, Wordle 273’s exact answer.