Smartphone usage rising, 4G data demand skyrocketing in India


Nokia recently released its annual Mobile Broadband Index (MBiT) report, which clearly shows that the country’s 4G data traffic has grown by 7.5 times in the last five years! At the same time, the number of mobile broadband subscribers in India has increased from 345 to 65 million. In other words, in this case, more than twice as many customers have received a mobile broadband subscription.

Furthermore, according to Nokia’s MBIT report, data usage in India has grown at an annual rate of 53% over the past five years. Thus the central government’s dream of Digital India is not far off as per user and subscriber data rates increase.

Nokia MBit report: Average data consumption per user touches 16GB per month

If we look only at 2021, we can see that the amount of data traffic growth in the country is 31 percent during this period. In other words, it can be said that the average mobile data consumption rate per user has definitely increased during the period under review. Nokia’s Mobile Broadband Index report also captures that information. According to the report, in 2021, every customer spent an average of 16 GB data per month, which is unprecedented! These figures are based on data from leading 4G service providers in the Indian market.

At the same time, Nokia’s report also said that in 2021, about 40 million telecom service users will come under the 4G network. Consumers are increasingly turning to 4G services as sales of 4G devices continue to grow.

Notably, a total of 160 million smartphone buyers were delivered in the country last year, which includes 30 million 5G devices. Again, 80 percent of all devices have a smartphone with active 4G support. Of this, the number of active 5G support devices is 10 million.

Profit from 5G services to increase by 164 percent over the next five years

Lastly, keeping pace with the rapid growth of 5G networks across the globe, the profit margin from 5G services in India is expected to grow by 164 per cent (CAGR) over the next five years. Experts believe that after the 4G system, the next generation of 5G services will also be crucial for the growth of the telecom industry.