Spell Cinema Hall at Home, BenQX3000i Projector Launched in India


On Monday, Taiwanese electronics maker BenQ added a new BenQX3000i projector to its 4K projector lineup. The company first unveiled the projector on stage at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 in January. The new 4G resolution projector has a refresh rate of 80 Hz and a response time of 16 ms. The new projector will also support HDR10 and offer 100 percent DPI-P3 color coverage. It even has an inbuilt Android TV support system. Let’s take a look at the price, features and specifications of the BenQX3000i projector.

BenQX3000i Projector Price and Availability

The BenQX3000i projector price in India is Rs 4,00,000. The projector is available at popular retail stores across the country. It comes with a 2-year warranty on the projector and a 2-year warranty on the light source.

BenQX3000i Projector Features and Specifications

The new BenQX3000i projector comes with 4K resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate. It will support 16 ms response time and HDR 10 and LHA G. The contrast ratio of the project is 50,000,000:1. Not only this, for gamers, it is capable of supporting 240 Hz refresh rate at 1080 resolution in 4 ms response time. It also comes with BenQ Dynamic Black technology support through Quick Dreaming and RGB Color Adjust feature.

The company claims that the new projector has 4 LED light sources, which will offer 3000 nsi lumens brightness and 25% more brightness than the existing RGBRGB projectors.

In addition, the projector comes with an inbuilt 10 Watt BenQ triple speaker with Bongiovi Digital Power Station (DPS) algorithm support. It also has three gaming modes for setting up audio and video. They can be used for first person shooters, sports and role-playing games. Lastly, there will be Android TV support, allowing access to streaming apps and other online contacts.