The cost of renewal of old car registration has increased eight times


Is your car more than 15 years old? But there is a bad news for you. From April, the Union Road and Transport Ministry announced that the cost of refurbishment of all vehicles above the age of 15 years in the country will increase by almost eight times in one go. Information about this has been issued by issuing guidelines. It is reported that this rule is going to be applicable everywhere except the capital Delhi. This is because guidelines have already been issued in Delhi to cancel 15 years old petrol cars and 10 years old diesel cars.

According to the source, the owner has voluntarily canceled the old car, which is why the Center has announced this tough decision. In fact, the move is aimed at reducing the level of environmental pollution across the country. The guidelines state that from April, all vehicles older than 15 years will have to pay a staggering Rs 5,000, for which only Rs 600 has been allocated so far. In case of two wheelers, this amount has increased to Rs 1,000, from Rs 300 earlier. In case of imported foreign cars you have to pay Rs 40,000, now you have to pay Rs 15,000.

The Center has not stopped increasing the cost of re-registration by adding a ‘late penalty’. For example, delay in renewal of a private car will attract a fine of Rs 300 per month. In case of commercial vehicles this amount is Rs.500. In addition, the new guidelines state that private cars above 15 years of age should be renewed every five years.

The Modi government has also increased the cost of car health check-up. The cost of taxis has been increased from Rs 1,000 to Rs 8,000. And from April, you will have to pay Rs 12,500 for bus and truck health check-up, which is now Rs 1,500. Meanwhile, in India, a commercial vehicle requires a certificate of good health after the age of eight.