The good news is that mobile towers can be installed in government buildings.

mobile phone towers allowed government buildings

Instead of residential areas, this time government buildings and mobile towers will be installed on top of multi-storey buildings. By the way, recently such a fancy decision has been taken in the meeting of Gurgaon District Telecom Committee. Deputy Commissioner Nishant Yadav presided over the meeting. If the decision taken before them is implemented, there is no doubt that there will be significant changes in the installation of mobile towers in the future.

Installation of mobile towers in government buildings – positive aspects

The decision to install mobile towers in government buildings has several positive aspects. According to news agency ET Telecom, Chairman Nishant Yadav said in a statement after the meeting of Gurgaon District Telecom Committee that installing mobile towers in private or non-private space is a relatively hasty act. So tomorrow they are thinking of installing mobile towers on government buildings and multi-storey buildings. As a result, the per capita expenditure of the government will be greatly reduced, Yadav said.

Yadav has already sent the list of government buildings and areas suitable for installation of mobile towers to the local town administrator (/ magistrate). They will exchange this list with the telecom companies.

At the same time, the committee headed by Yadav directed the telecom operators to give information about every mobile tower in the city. For this, the committee has fixed a week’s time. It is pertinent to mention here that the telecom companies will have to take appropriate action within the next three months to keep the mobile towers running without their approval. In that case, in case of undue delay, DoT will be compelled to seal or shut down all such towers.

By the way, there are around 2,000 mobile phone towers in Gurgaon city at present. Apart from this, the district administration is currently considering the application for setting up 600 new towers. A license fee of Rs 1 lakh per year is required for setting up a mobile phone tower.

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