The iPhone 12 model is available for Rs 24,900! Don't get busy shopping just by watching ads


Almost everyone wants to buy an Apple iPhone, but because of its price, this expectation is not easily fulfilled. This is the reason why Apple lovers jump with joy when they see an advertisement for a cheap iPhone available. But what is always seen with the naked eye may not be true. In fact, along with various e-commerce sites, there are now many advertisements online that claim that an iPhone model packed with an attractive design and a bunch of effective features can be bought in the range of Rs 20-25 thousand only. could. But before you get excited about this type of ad, you may have to think twice, or read the ad thoroughly once again. Most of such catchy advertisements have a few short words that need attention but they are essential.

Surprised? Let’s be clear. An advertisement states that the iPhone 12 can now be purchased at an effective price of Rs 24,900. Effective now, it does not mean that the price of the phone has come down to Rs 24,900. This means that the phone can be pocketed at such a low price just by applying various discounts and offers. So always remember, Apple never gives buyers a chance to buy the flagship iPhone at such a low price, except in advance. Even the nearly two year old iPhone SE 2020 has never been sold so cheaply. So, when you see an ad that claims to be offering the iPhone 12 for Rs 24,900, you need to understand that this effective price along with other offers includes the exchange offer. Note that the amount of the exchange offer will completely depend on the current condition and quality of the phone being exchanged.

Let me explain your point a little better with a simple example. In this way, the 64 GB variant of iPhone 12 costs Rs 85,900. Recently Aptronix had claimed that this iPhone can be purchased at an effective price of Rs 24,900. Let us tell you, Aptronics is one of the largest retail store and reseller in India. The fact that the retail store is offering a flat discount of Rs 9,900 on the iPhone 12 takes the price of the phone to Rs 56,000. In addition, customers will also get a guaranteed cashback if they use the selected bank card. Let us tell you, if customers pay with ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank or SBI Card, then they can get a cashback of Rs 5,000. But the most important thing is the exchange offer, which will help buyers to pocket the phone for the lowest price.

Aptronics is offering an exchange offer of up to Rs 23,100 and an exchange bonus of up to Rs 3,000 on the purchase of this iPhone, which will enable you to buy the device at a lower price. However, in this case, again, the amount of the exchange offer will completely depend on which phone is being exchanged. If one wants to exchange an older iPhone model (such as iPhone 11 or iPhone XR) for a newer iPhone model, one can assume that he will get a fairly decent exchange bonus. However, if you exchange any other high-end model, even a flagship device from Samsung, your chances of getting a big money exchange bonus are slim. And after getting the full exchange value, buyers will be able to buy the iPhone 12 from Aptronics for just Rs 24,990.

So last but not least, iPhone is very cheap but will not be in your hand at once, you have to go through many steps. So, before getting tempted by any advertisement, keep these things in mind and then decide whether to buy the phone or not.