The new electric scooter L Yamaha can be leased with a range of 104 km


Neo’s electric scooter Yamaha has recently been launched in the European market. This time around, the company has introduced the long studied Yamaha E01 Maxi electric scooter in the market of its own country i.e. Japan. But the interesting thing is that initially it will be given on lease, customers can take it on lease for three months. For which customers have to pay a tax of 20,000 yen, which is equivalent to about Rs 12.6 in Indian currency. Customers are getting a chance to test it completely by running it in those three months before purchase. However, only a select few can rent it.

Yamaha will launch programs in Europe, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia in July. According to the Japanese company, this is actually a ‘proof of concept testing’ or proof of sample model. The Yamaha E01 concept model was showcased at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. At that time, it was claimed that it was on par with the petrol-powered 125cc scooter. It is powered by an AC synchronous motor, which is capable of producing 7.1 kW of power and 30 Nm of torque.

Yamaha claims that the 4.9 kWh non-removable battery pack of the Yamaha E01 will offer a range of 104 km. There are three types of charging systems: quick charger (0-90% charge per hour), normal charger (5 hours full charge) and portable charger (14 hours full charge). The state-of-the-art electric scooter gets a digital instrument cluster, full LED lighting, three riding modes, traction control, 23-litre under-seat storage, charging port and more.

Yamaha has taken this step to get the customers to know the details of their preferences before bringing the production version to the market. The company intends to lease this exhibition model to car rental agencies, local government, government offices, so that the final model can be developed based on user feedback.