Today's word starts with the word 'A'


At this time the whole world is caught in the word game. Actually, Josh Wardell, a software engineer from New York, created a five-letter word guessing game in English to entertain his partner during the lockdown in the conditions of Corona. Basically there are 6 chances to do this game and if you put true or wrong characters in each box, you will see green, yellow or black color on the screen of computer and mobile. However, this game can be played only once in a day. As a result, there is no way to play again except to wait for the next day. But despite all this, the game was initially limited to the personal limitations of the creator, but later, as soon as it was released to the whole world, it was able to drive gamers around the world crazy. By now you must have understood what we are talking about? yea al that sounds so crap to me it seems bt isn’t even for me.

As the days are passing, the popularity of this New York Times-owned game is increasing all over the world. In the last two years, this viral game has devastated Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Nowadays this game has become the companion of morning tea for many people around the world. In a kind of love, people are now looking for unknown words every day. Some are being seized in this game of jumlebaazi, while some are proudly announcing their success on social media. In short, enthusiasts view the game as a daily test – the sooner the word of the day can be guessed, the better the test score. This game is very effective in refining English vocabulary as well as sharpening the mind.

As I said earlier, the game consists of guessing the five letter ‘Word of the Day’ set by Wardell officials on only 6 occasions. Players need to guess five characters and place them in the correct cell. If a word in the player’s guess matches the letter of the word given by the warden, the five cells in that particular cell will flash a green light. Again, if the letters match but the correct cell does not match, the yellow color will match. And if the letter doesn’t match the correct answer of the day, the box will show a black color symbolizing sadness and despair! This way the game will continue with the aim of turning on the green light in all five houses, but the probability is only 6 times!

This game has become a kind of addiction for most of the users of the world. And as a result of this, the user base of this game is increasing day by day. Are you planning to play the game? So what’s the delay, start now. Well, there is win and lose in all games, but you will never think of losing this game, because we will not let you lose. On our site TechGap you will find the correct daily answer of Wordle. Today, March 19, 2022, Wordle 273 The correct answer is ALLOW. Note that yesterday the correct answer for Wordle 272 was SAUTE, which we informed you through our site and will continue to do so tomorrow. So keep an eye on TechGap tomorrow to get the exact answer to Wordle 274.