Want to buy a 20 TB hard drive? Skyhawk's new device could fit all your needs

Skyhawk-AI-20TB-HDD-Hard-Disk-Drive-Launch-in-India-Price-50000-Above Rs.

Many people use hard drives to store data on the computer. It is a very important tool in today’s time. Thus hard drives with two to five TB of storage are commonly available in the market. But today we will tell you about a hard drive which has 20 TB or 20 thousand 460 GB storage. This hard drive named SkyHawk AI 20TB HDD has been recently launched in India. This device is specially designed for Network Video Recorder (NVR) and supports multiple video or AI streams.

Skyhawk AI 20TB HDD Price, Availability

The price of Skyhawk AI20TB HDD in the Indian market is Rs 54,999. It will be sold through C-Gate’s distributor Prama India in the next few days.

Specification of Skyhawk AI 20TB HDD

This Skyhawk AI20TB hard drive is built on ImagePerfect AI firmware. It will support 64 video streams and 32 AI streams. The company claims that this hard drive will sustain frame drop up to zero percent even under heavy workloads. It will also be capable of handling 20 TB of standard video imaging and up to 550 TB of workload per year. Also, it will have a 3.5-inch form factor.

By the way, users will also get protection guidelines with this hard drive. Rescue data recovery service will also be available. It also comes with a five-year warranty and a three-year data recovery warranty.

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