Want to travel in space? If you buy a car from this Tata-owned company, you can win free tickets for space travel


Land Rover, owned by Tata Motors, has come up with a great offer of space travel for its customers. Again completely free. Hard to believe but the news is absolutely true. If you buy a Land Rover car then you can get a chance to travel in space. However, only one lucky winner will get this chance. Land Rover has come up with this offer in association with Virgin Galactic.

They will choose the lucky winner of a lottery game called ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’. Multiple winners of the lottery will have the opportunity to drive across the Land Rover Experience Center, various branded merchandise and many other exciting prizes. But only one of them will get a ticket to fly into space for 90 minutes by pressing a galactic spacecraft. Again, the Land Rover 6 as a whole. The winner will not have to pay a single penny at the cost of

However, the exact date of ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ has not been announced yet. However, the company has mentioned some conditions for taking tickets for space travel. The lucky winner, for example, must be a legal citizen of the United States, and by June 20, 2022, who has made an entry on the company’s sweepstakes website, or has ordered a car, or has already purchased a car.

Incidentally, in 2014, Land Rover 8 tied the knot with Virgin Galactic. In 2021, the partnership was extended by both companies. Last year, they launched the first spacecraft from the sky. On the other hand, Land Rover 8 has a worldwide reputation as a luxury car maker. Buying a car from this company remains a life-long dream for many because of its high cost. . Car models of this company are usually seen in the collections of Aamir, businessman and stars.

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