WhatsApp's new feature, you can send 2GB size file


WhatsApp, an instant messaging app under Meta, now offers the option to send files up to a maximum of 100 MB. As a result, we are forced to rely on Google-affiliated platforms or other software to share large amounts of content. However, according to a recent report, the messaging platform is finally going to solve this problem of users. Because, the report said, WhatsApp is experimenting with some of its beta users with a feature that will allow them to send large media files of up to 2GB. This beta feature for sharing large media files is only available for iOS and Android devices. However, for now, only users have been tested based on specific regions.

WhatsApp, iOS and Android devices testing to share large media files up to 2GB

According to a recent report by WhatsApp’s feature development tracking blog ‘WabetaInfo’, Argentina-based WhatsApp iOS and Android beta users now have the advantage of sharing files up to 2GB. It is also mentioned that WhatsApp’s Android beta versions are (, ( and ( and ( iOS beta versions has been identified. As a compatible update. Incidentally, since the feature in question is currently under beta testing, the meta-owned instant messaging platform may roll out to a stable version in a few days.

However, if WhatsApp is indeed determined to increase the size of the media file, then the testing feature could prove to be especially useful for our iOS and Android users. Because, as the camera resolution of today’s smartphones continues to improve, so does the size of media files. As a result, it is not possible to send these files to anyone via WhatsApp. However, if this feature is made available to all, then users will be able to send large files through WhatsApp with ease and they will not have to depend on any other platform or software.

However, it is not yet clear whether WhatsApp users will be able to share images in full resolution using this feature.

Note that when sending media files on WhatsApp, their resolution is usually compressed. As a result, the quality of the image or video is lost. Therefore, it is recommended to send the content in the form of ‘document’ to maintain the original quality. Hafil also pointed out that the instant messaging platform is experimenting with showing previews of media files sent as documents.

However, ‘Pause’ and ‘Resume’ feature has been given to ‘WhatsApp for Android’ beta testers while recording voice messages. And now the so called feature has been made officially available for iOS devices.