Will Realme X2 or Realme X2 Pro get Android 12 and Realme UI 3.0?

If you reading the title above, some of you already know the answer and have moved on from the Realme X2 series. But if you like what you see in Android 12 and Realme UI 3.0 and you’re wondering if your Realme X2 and Realme X2 Pro will get this new update, I’m afraid we have some bad news for you.

Realme X2 or Realme X2 Pro will get the Realme UI 3.0 and Android 12 update

Don’t hate the messenger, but Realme won’t release Android 12 and Realme UI 3.0 for the Realme X2 series. The 2019 flagship models aren’t covered by Realme’s new three-year OS update policy, and even if they were, they still wouldn’t have cut it. The Realme X2 series aged gracefully, but it aged nonetheless, and the only firmware updates it now receives consist of quarterly security patches. For a little while longer.

The Realme X2 and Realme X2 Pro, once a beast of smartphones, were left behind after it received Android 11 and Realme UI 2.0. Even so, the Realme X2 Series won’t receive Android 12 and Realme UI 3.0. However, if you want to experience this new firmware and are ready to move on from the Realme X2 series, Realme has plenty of phones with Realme UI 3.0 in the pipeline for this year.

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