Wrong, Samsung apologizes to customers, know the reason


The Samsung Galaxy S22 flagship smartphone series debuted at the ‘Galaxy Unpacked 2022’ launch event last month. However, the series has been the subject of controversies since its launch. Because users are facing many problems in using the phone. For example, S-series phones have experienced app throttling issues as recently as last month after a display glitch. A few days ago, the South Korean-based tech company was forced to take drastic measures to address these issues in its latest smartphone lineup and announced the release of a software update. However, despite the company’s efforts to rectify its mistakes, benchmark site Gigbench has officially removed the Samsung Galaxy S22 series from its platform for the offense of limiting the performance of the application.

Geekbench removes Galaxy S22 series for limiting app performance, Samsung CEO apologizes

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Samsung recently apologized in response to the ongoing controversy surrounding the Galaxy S22 series. Samsung DeX CEO JH Han spoke to shareholders about the issue and acknowledged that Samsung was unable to address customer concerns about the new lineup issues. Even Mr Han, understanding the gravity of the problem, apologized to his customer base.

The South Korean-based company has recently been accused of limiting the performance of more than 1,000 applications on its new Galaxy S22 series phones. In such a situation, ‘Game Optimization Service’ (GOS) has been used to limit the functionality of the app. The incident first came to the fore when some YouTubers tried to use the Benchmark app on their phones last week and found out that Samsung had run the entire process without its customers’ knowledge.

Incidentally, GOS optimizes the performance of the app and thus helps in preventing the smartphone from throttling due to thermal issues.

However, Samsung has announced the release of a software update to resolve the issue. However, the customers are not at all satisfied with this move of the company. In fact, almost all Galaxy S-series users have demanded that Samsung completely remove the GOS app from their devices.

The e-tech company has also been investigated by the Fair Trade Commission of South Korea for “performance manipulation” of the Galaxy S22 smartphone. And following this recent controversy, Geekbench conducted an internal test which revealed that the GOS app was also used on some older Galaxy models. The list includes the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy S20 series and even the Galaxy S10 series.

While people love Samsung a lot when it comes to buying smartphones in the premium segment, the company has resorted to manipulations that hurt the confidence of the consumers, which is not desirable at all. As a result, the question arises whether Samsung will be able to regain the ‘trust’ of its customers at this stage. However, we do hope that the new software update will reach the world soon and Samsung will not repeat such a mistake in the future.