You will also want to buy Nitesh's life-saving protector Apple Watch, because of this special feature


Users claim that Apple products, while expensive, ‘pay for’. The company’s most notable products are the iPhone and Apple Watch. Smartwatch has ECG-like features. Apple Watch is often discussed for saving lives. Apple Watch Series 6 is again in the headlines for this reason. This time smartwatch has saved the life of a person from Haryana. Let’s find out now.

It is learned that Nitesh Chopra, a resident of Haryana, was given Apple Watch Series 8 by his wife last year. And recently this watch has saved Nitesh’s life. Actually, a few days ago, Nitesh had chest pain, after which his wife Neha asked him to get an ECG done from Apple Watch Series 7.

And that test matches some bad signs. So they both went to the hospital and did angiography. After seeing the report, doctors told Chopra that up to 99.9 percent of her arteries were blocked and she needed surgery. According to doctors, Nitesh was discharged from the hospital a few days after the successful operation.

Neha said that the Apple Watch had earlier indicated that her husband had a problem with his arteries. Neha and Nitesh wrote a letter thanking Apple CEO Tim Cook. Tim Cook expressed his gratitude for the letter. Let us tell you that Nitesh Chopra is a dentist by profession.

Note that the electrocardiogram (ECG) feature is considered a special feature in the Apple Watch. He also has a medical certificate. Apple Watch’s ECG and fall detection features have saved many lives in the past.

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